Incorporating the Mens & Womens Bowling Associations of the County of Northumberland

Reporting Results

The scorecard then must reach the Competition Secretary (John Harthen) before the scheduled date of the next round or before you play the next round (if played earlier).

On this aspect to help things or to quicken this process, is to send these scorecards electronically - the easiest way is to take a photo of the scorecard on your phone, and then send it via a text message or on whatsapp. If these methods are not suitable you can also e-mail the scorecard, if this is also not suitable then the scorecard needs to be posted.

Scorecards for singles are not required, after all you cannot substitute yourself - however, winners need to keep the scorecard until the following round has been played.

On the reporting aspect - this can be via telephone (no later than 10:30pm) on the evening of the tie and after 7:30am the following day; or via a text message or e-mail.

On this part early notifications of results are appreciated and welcome; and no calls will be answered after the above time, or before the time the next day. 

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