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Portland Edwardson Triumph

Gosforth had built a 10 shot lead at 5 ends, and this was maintained for most of the game with at 14 ends where they still held a 7 shot advtantage, but this lead was reducing from this point onwards.

The Portland fightback was across all 3 rinks, where Richard Train had led by 10 against John Taylor at one point, also Gren Richardson collected 6 shots over the last 3 ends. The rink of Boyle against McGreevy was also key, where McGreevy led 9 - 6, then lost the next 5 ends to trial 17 - 9, but McGreevy hit back with a 6 on the 17th end. On the last end being played on the green Gosforth's Mick McGreevy, holding an overall 1 shot advantage for the West Avenue club, and McGreevy fired the jack in to the ditch to lie shot and game. However, Boyle with the last bowl drew the shot and forced the game into the extra ends.

On the extra ends across the 3 rinks Portland lay and collected shots on each rink - and ultimately took the crown.

This is Portland's only second success in the Edwardson Cup, with their only other success back in 1972. Well done to Portland Ltd BC, and of course to Gosforth as well for playing in a great final.

On a final note the County would like to thank Ponteland BC for hosting the final again, it is very much appreciated - and for all of the supporters, spectators for coming along - many many thanks.

Rink Scores (Gosforth Skips Named First):-

18 End Scores                                                      Extra End Final Scores

R Train 16            JA Taylor 14                            R Train 16          JA Taylor 16

M McGreevy 15   CW Boyle 18                           M McGreevy 15  CW Boyle 21

S Harvey 16        G Richardson 15                     S Harvey 16        G Richardson 16

Overall: 47 - 47                                                   Overall: 47 - 53


Photo of Portland's Winning Team Below

Portland Edwardson



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