Incorporating the Mens & Womens Bowling Associations of the County of Northumberland

Muras Cup Retained

Northumberland's faced Durham and started brightly and were only behind on 1 rink, this pattern continued throughout and Northumberland won 123 to 85, and importantly collected 20 of the 22 points. In the other game Yorkshire defeated Cumbria at Ponteland 18 -4 (100 - 87). This meant going into the last game it was winner takes all between Yorkshire and Northumberland - as the standings were Yorkshire 34 points, Northumberland 26, Cumbria 20 and Durham 10.

Again the game started well for Northumberland and they built a 12 shot lead at 5 ends (35 - 23), this grew through the afternon, as at 10 ends this was 67 - 46.  Yorkshire slightly rallied after this point but Northumberland still had a 13 shot advantage at 15 ends.  This level was maintained in the closing stages and Northumberland won 118 - 93 shots, and collected 16 match points. These points and result meant Northumberland retained the Muras Cup. In the other game at Gosforth Durham defeated Cumbria (106 - 92).

The final table. along with rink names and scores can be found here.

The final table: -

Northumberland 42 points +49 shots

Yorkshire 38 points -9 shots

Cumbria 26 points -13 shots

Durham 26 points -27 shots

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