Incorporating the Mens & Womens Bowling Associations of the County of Northumberland

England Junior Series

After the first games yesterday am for each country which had good victories for Scotland over Ireland, and England over Wales. This meant the afternoon game between Scotland and England being decisive, and Scotland held a lead throughout and despite late efforts England could not overturn this lead, and Scotland won 108 - 100. In particular on Josh's rink, skipped by Sam Steel (who recently won the Bowls England National Pairs at Leamington Spa), won the last 5 ends and narrowly went down 18 - 15. The other game saw hosts Ireland defeat Wales 130 - 110.

This meant Scotland were overwhelming favourites to retain their crown, as they faced Wales (who had lost 2 games already) this morning - and in the other game hosts Ireland played England. However, Wales had not read the script and took the lead and this was stretched to at least 18 shots, and with England winning, the trophy seemed to be heading England's way. But Ireland clawed back the deficit to England, and saw England's lead slashed to only 3 shots (84 - 81), with Josh's rink being 16 - 2 down. With the 100 shots mark being reached by the respective leading countries (Wales and England) and with Wales still holding firm but with only a slender advantage of 6 shots over Scotland. On the other green England had stretched their lead to 18+ shots, and so they knew without disaster they would win their own game and it was down Wales, and if they could hold on to a victory, as also a draw for Scotland would be enough for them as well. As the last 4 ends were played there was no more than 2 shots in the game, with the lead swaying one way then the other; and with only 2 ends left Wales scored a 4 to put them 2 up playing the last end. Unfortunately for Wales (and of course England), Scotland scored a 3 to win 128 - 127 and take the title yet again. England did defeat Ireland 129 - 100, and on Josh's rink they had a remarkable comeback winning on the last 10 ends to win 18 - 16 (from 16-2 down).

Final Table:

Scotland Won 3  +43    6 Points

England Won 2   +70    4 Points

Ireland Won 1      -43    2 Points

Wales Won 0       -70    0 Points




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