Incorporating the Mens & Womens Bowling Associations of the County of Northumberland

BN Behavior and Code of Conduct


In particular he should:

  1. Report punctually at the prescribed time and place.

  2. Be conversant with and comply with the laws of the Sport and Bowls and all Bowls England domestic rules and by-laws relating to Inter-County Championships.

  3. Adhere to Bowls England’s Betting Integrity Guidance (Bowls England Regulation No. 4.6)

  4. Adhere to Bowls England’s Disciplinary Regulations (Bowls England Regulation No.9, No. 9A or No.9B apply as applicable).

  5. Adhere to Bowls England’s Anti-Doping Guidance (Please refer to Bowls England Website).

  6. Adhere to Bowls England Equality Policy (Please refer to Bowls England Website).

  7. Play all matches to completion i.e. to the required number of ends.

  8. Not cheat in order to gain unfair advantage, or cheat in order to deliberately lose a game.

  9. Not use any form of gamesmanship in an attempt to gain unfair advantage.

  10. Comply strictly with the guidance relating to ‘slow play’

  • Fours – the Lead and Second players may not visit the head until all four players have delivered their two bowls. There is no restriction on the Third players or the Skips revisiting the head should they wish to do so. The maximum time that a player may confer before delivering a bowl is two minutes; the time being calculated from the time the previous bowl played came to rest. Should this rule be breached and not picked up by an Umpire in charge of the green, the aggrieved opposing Skip should bring the notice of the infringement to the Umpire.

  1. Not render himself unfit through alcohol or drugs on or off the bowling green.

  2. Show respect to colleague’s, opponents and officials and not subject them to any physical or verbal abuse at any time.

  3. Smoking on the green is prohibited during all games, this includes electronic cigarettes.

  4. The use of mobile phones on the green is prohibited during all games.

  5. Adhere to Bowls England Social Media Policy (Please refer to Bowls England Website)

  6. Adhere to Bowls Northumberland’s dress code – All players shall wear Bowls Northumberland registered colours. Bowls England Licensed and approved apparel (e.g. shorts) may be worn providing that all members of a team bear the same colour. Waterproof clothing must be white or registered colours. White flat soled bowling shoes must be worn. Head gear, if worn, should be white or a registered colour.

  7. Team Managers will specify appropriate apparel to travel to games in and this this must be adhered to.


Failure to adhere to the above will result in an initial warning that will be issued by the Team Manager (or Nominated Deputy). Should the player continue to not adhere they will be subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of the Team Manager (or Nominated Deputy)


In Summary


Bowls Northumberland expects all players to contribute to a positive and attractive sporting environment by behaving in an appropriate and responsible manner at all times. This code aims to clarify your responsibilities.

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