Incorporating the Mens & Womens Bowling Associations of the County of Northumberland

Alsop Team Win

In particular the rink of Frank Close, Ian Webb, Jim Taylor, Jacky Taylor winning by some 36 shots added a lot to this victory and sizeable margin. There were also good wins for the rinks skipped by the Donkins - with Graeme winning by 20 shots and Rob by 24 shots. Furthermore there was also a debutant in the team - with Collingwood's George Jobe making his first appearance.

The scores at the respective points are shown below: -

5 ends - Northumberland 48 Lancashire 16

10 ends - Northumberland 84 Lancashire 42

15 ends - Northumberland 118 Lancashire 64

21 ends - Northumberland 159 Lancashire 88

Match Points: Northumberland 18 points Lancashire 4 points


For the full rinks (and names) and scores along with table please click here 

The next Alsop Game is against our neighbours Durham, and will take place on Saturday 16th June at Stockton BC. The other Alsop fixture played was between Yorkshire and Cumbria - with the score being Yorkshire 144 Cumbria 101 (20 points for Yorkshire, and 2 for Cumbria).

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