Incorporating the Mens & Womens Bowling Associations of the County of Northumberland

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The Knight League is one of two which are played on Tuesday evenings, the other being the Nines League.

The format of play is identical to that in the Clegg League. Each team consists of four rinks of three players using two bowls each. There are no trial ends, but regardless of the actual "count" only one shot can be recorded at the first two of the twenty-one ends.

Although traditionally seen as a "second team" league, in practice because of low membership some clubs are forced to play virtually the same men as in the Clegg League, although they must comply with the rule which prohibits anyone from skipping in both leagues in the same week.

In both leagues, over-all victory is determined by the aggregate score of all four rinks and is worth six points (three for a draw.) In addiiton victory on each individual rink is worth two points (one for a draw) making fourteen points available for victory on all four rinks.

The same promotion/relegation system (three up, three down) as in the Clegg League ensures that competition for many clubs is very much alive until the end of the season.


General Conditions-Relating To Leagues are on The Leagues Page of this site.


Rules relating to Clegg and Knight Leagues which are to be read in conjunction with the above General Conditions are on the page titled Clegg Leagues on this site.


NB - These rules relate to the men's leagues run under the auspices of Bowls Northumberland.

(These rules are to be read in conjunction with the General Conditions-Relating To Leagues published on the Leagues Page of this site)

1.     Affiliated Clubs may enter one or both of these Leagues.

2.     All games to be 21 ends (unless mutually agreed otherwise) with four triples playing two bowls each for both teams. No trial ends will be played but one shot will be scored at each of the first two completed ends.

3.     a) If a single player is absent from one or both sides, the game to proceed, the number of bowls in the defaulting side/sides to be made up by the two players playing three bowls each. One third of the total shots scored by each rink playing two players to be deducted from its score at the end of the game.

        b) In the event of a player having to withdraw from a match after it has begun he will be replaced by a substitute (if available) who must be a bona fide member of the club. If no substitute is available the other two players on the rink concerned will play three bowls each for the remaining ends and one third of the shots which they score at those ends will be deducted from their total.

4.     The minimum number of players for a League match shall be ten (10): any team with less than ten shall be in default.   

5.     In all league matches six points will be awarded to the winning team with three points each in a drawn game. In addition, two points will be awarded for each individual winning rink with one point for a draw.

6.     When a team is in default the opponents will receive 14 points and 20 shots

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