Incorporating the Mens & Womens Bowling Associations of the County of Northumberland

County Finals 2017

Saturday 29th July 10.00am
Ladies Under 25 Singles
R Cartwright (BD) v M Ross (G)

Saturday 29th July 2.15pm
Ladies Triples
P Browne/R Cartwright/K Proctor (BD) 

A Robson/G Jameson/N Craig (BU)

Sunday 30th July 10.30am
Ladies 2 Wood Singles
R Cartwright (BD) v P Browne (BD)

Ladies 4 Wood Singles
K Proctor (BD) v S Ferguson (BW)

Sunday 30th July 2.00pm
Ladies Fours
A Brennan/A Storey/M Turner/G Stapylton (PE)
P Browne/L Goldsmith/R Cartwright/K Proctor (BD)

Ladies Pairs
D Topping/R Brown (AK) v A Robson/G Jameson (BU)

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