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2019 Returns & County Dinner

As per main articles within the main page - 


2019 Returns / Submissions

To be returned to George Batey by 31st October; early returns are very much appreciated. The returns include league and cup entrees, as well as competition entrees, and membership list(s).



County Dinner 

The BNMS will take place on Saturday 3rd November. All championship, cup and league winners are expected to attend this great evening. All enquiries to George Batey.

England Junior Series

England first game are up against Wales this morning, then Scotland this afternoon and the final game tomorrow am against Ireland.


I will update results / scores throughout.


Saturday AM

Ireland 98 Scotland 132

England 146 Wales 97


Josh's rink drew 15 all (Sam Steel 15 Ross Owen 15).



Saturday PM

Ireland 130 Wales 110

Scotland 108 England 100


Josh's rink lost 15 - 18



Sunday AM

Ireland 100 England 129

Wales 127 Scotland 128


Josh's rink won 18 - 16


Northern Counties 2018 Championships Updated

The Northern Counties 2018 Championships took place at Houghton Dairy Lane on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th August 2018 and results are shown (under read more).  


The above photo: - from L to R (George Batey, Jeff Wilson (Durham) Northern Counties President, John Harthen).

George collecting the Muras Cup and John collecting the Alsop Trophy.


A report on the finals can be found here


County Finals

The County Finals have started and scores shown below. Details of Sunday's game are shown below: -


Thur 26 July (Gosforth) 6:30pm

Men's U25 Singles -

J Miller (G) v J Minto (G) 21 - 10


Sat 28 July (Alnwick) 2pm

Men's 4's -

G Donkin (RY) v C Yeomans (G) 7 - 28


Sun 29 July (Alnwick) 10am

Mixed Pairs -

M Bennett (G) v S Williams (HS) 22 - 17

Men's Pairs -

G Richardson (PD) v P Ging (BW) 19 - 14


Sun 29 July (Alnwick) 11am

Champion of Champions -

B Tuner (CC) v M Cymber (G) 3 - 21

2 Wood Singles -

D Morrison (G) v S Richardson (G) 11 - 16


Sun 29 July (Alnwick) 2pm

4 Wood Singles -

R Train (G) v R Goldsmith (BW) 21 - 17

Men's Triples -

C Yeomans (G) v L Birch (NB) 16 - 7


Full programme found here




Results - Friday (Gosforth)


Pairs - I Brown & P Ging (BW)

Pairs - C Boyle & G Richardson (PD)

Triples - J Minto, S Richardson, C Yeomans (G)

Triples - W Waters, A Stewart, L Birch (NB)

U18's Final - G Rogan (HW)


Results - Saturday (St. Georges')


Fours - J Minto, L Yeomans, S Richardson, C Yeomans (G)

Fours - M Fairbairn, R Calam, R Donkin, G Donkin (RY)

C of C - B Turner (CC) 

C of C - M Cymber (G)


Results - Sunday (Portland)

Winners: -

2 Wood Singles - D Morrison (G) & S Richardson (G)

Junior Pairs (Final) - J Miller & J Minto (G)

Senior 4's (Final) - C Brown, L Yeomans, W Bolam, J Curtis (G)


Results - Monday (Portland)

Winners: -

4 Wood Singles - R Train (G) & R Goldsmith (BW)

U25 Singles - J Miller (G) & J Minto (G)


I would like to thank all players involved over the 4 days, and all the clubs for hosting throughout - your help and co-operation is very much appreciated (a full report of the semi-finals will be shown tomorrow).


Thank You

John Harthen

BNMS Hon. Comp Sec.

Cup Finals

The next 2018 cup finals will take place next weekend - (as well as the World Cup Final of course).




Firstly the Challenge Cup Final will take place on Saturday 14th July at 10:30am at Alnwick BC. Teams from Gosforth, Gosforth Empire, Backworth Welfare, Crawford Park, Benfield and Hexham Elvaston will be competing. To note lunch is provided.

Dress is Greys (plus club shirts / or white above waist).


The next day will see the Jubilee Cup Final at St. Georges' BC. Teams from Cramlington (A & B), Seaton Sluice and Walker will be taking part.

The final will now start at 10:30am 

(to avoid clash with World Cup Final @ 4pm)

(to note there is no buffet)


Please come along and support both events, if you can - thank you.


John Harthen

BNMS Hon. Comp Sec.

Middleton Cup - Cumbria

The next Middleton Cup group game will be against Cumbria at Wigton BC on Saturday 16th June starting at 2pm.


The following side has been selected: -

P Proctor, S Miller, B Rootham, C Knott;

R Goldsmith, J Morgan, J Minto, D Parkes;

M Bennett, J Miller, J Curtis, S Harvey;

A Johnson Snr, S Welsh, N Aitchison, C Yeomans;

D Morrison, F Short, J King, G Myerscough;

M Cymber, S Pallas, K Bone, P Harvey;

Res: G Donkin  R Donkin


Can all players meet at Benfield for 11am please.


If anyone is not available please contact J Holmes 07375519006 or B Miller 07557414756

Competition Draws 2018

The 2018 Competition Draws are now available. Links to each competition can be found under competitions, then the respective competition, or see links below - 

Singles (4 Wood)




Singles (2 Wood)

Junior Singles

Junior Pairs

Senior Fours

Champion of Champion's

Under 18 Singles

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