Incorporating the Mens & Womens Bowling Associations of the County of Northumberland

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Edwardson Cup Rules


1. The home team will be responsible for all green fees

2. All games will be played on the date, and start time, stated in the draw. 15 minutes grace will be given to visiting teams except in the Semi-Final and Final when the time stated will be adhered to.

3. Two trial ends will be played

4. All games to be 18 ends (unless mutually agreed otherwise) and with THREE rinks of FOUR PLAYERS playing Two bowls each for both teams. Dead ends will be replayed.  

5. Any team with less than twelve players will be in default and the game will be awarded to their opponents.

6. Any team not fulfilling a tie will be in defualt and the game awarded to their opponents

7. A player having represented his club in the Edwardson Cup CANNOT play for another club in the same competition in the same season.

8. A tie may be postponed only because of inclement weather, and a tie which is brought to a halt by the weather BEFORE nine ends have been completed on all rinks will be deemed to have been postponed as though it had not begun. In either event postponed matches in any round priot to the semi-finals must be arranged by mutual agreement of the clubs concerned having regard to the date of the next round. In the event of one or both of the semi-finals, or final being postponed the Secretary will make the necessary arrangements in consultation with the clubs.

9.If a tie is brought to a halt AFTER nine ends have been completed on all rinks it will be deemed to have been played and the result will be determined by the aggregate scores of all completed ends.

10.WINNING CLUB to telephone the result to the Competition Secretary the same evening.

11. HOME CLUB to post the result sheeet provided by first class post immeadiately after the match.

12. Dress to be in accordance with condition 3 of county competition conditions (except in the final when grey troucers will be worn).


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